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the amazing people who make our work possible


Common Wealth/Maine-ly Poultry
Gardiner, ME

Common Wealth Poultry Co. is a family owned and operated farm that provides fresh, air-chilled, all-natural, growth hormone free poultry. They strive to use local and organic feeds, seeds, and fertilizers and believe strongly in developing a local economy, supported by strong rural communities.  Ryan and Gina, two of our youngest farmers, are dedicating their lives to providing Maine with exceptional poultry raised with sustainable farming practices.

beef & lamb

PT Farm
Haverhill, NH

Pete and Tara Roy (and their 5 kids) run their farm located in Haverhill, NH with the utmost pride and care for animal welfare and well being. Their cows are pasture raised and finished on hay and silage that they grow on the farm themselves! PT Farm also has a USDA inspected processing facility on-site so that their animals don’t have to deal with the stress of being transported.


Winter Hill Farm
Freeport, ME

Located in Freeport, Winter Hill is run by Steve and his wife Sarah who took over in 2011. The farm is permanently protected with an agricultural easement thanks to the Freeport Conservation trust. Along with heritage Berkshire pigs, they maintain a heard of Jersey and Randall cows who’s milk is used to produce their ACS Award winning cheese that we also feature in the shop. The spent whey (and cheese that doesn’t quite meet up to their standards) is fed to the pig’s which makes their fat a gorgeous, creamy white with a sweetness that is unlike any other.

Breezy Hill Farm
South Berwick, ME

Tom and Betsey Hasty own and operate this small, South Berwick farm and specialize in natural raised pork and beef. They do not use synthetic chemicals, routine antibiotics or added hormones. Their pigs are grass fed with grain supplement (grain and milk curd).

Herschberger Family Farm
Unity, ME

Daniel and his family pasture raise Heritage Berkshire pigs in the gorgeous Amish country side on the Albion/Unity line. They also raise pastured ducks that are supplemented with non-GMO feed from where we get our Duck Eggs.


Misty Brook Farm
Albion, ME

Misty Brook Farm is a 400 acre certified organic farm in Albion, Maine. Their focus is producing high quality staple foods that satisfy all the requirements of a healthy, balanced diet. We carry their certified organic, 100% grass-fed raw Jersey cow’s milk and cream year round and offer their produce when in season.


Garen’s Greens at Riverside Farm
South berwick, ME

Garen Heller has been farming in the seacoast area for decades. He offers some of the freshest, high quality produce in the area. When in season, we offer his mixed greens, basil and garlic, to name a few.